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Andrew TSUI


Photo credit: Mark Teo

CEO & Co-Founder, Rooftop Republic Urban Farming


Andrew is an impact entrepreneur and urban farmer following his previous roles in both the public and private sector served in the Military Defence Forces and Asset Management respectively. Having grown up in both Hong Kong and Singapore which are highly urbanised and heavily reliant on imported food, and with his background in real-estate and civil engineering, he realised the potential of urban spaces in Hong Kong to make a difference in the relationship people had with their community and food, he embarked on the mission to make urban farming accessible for cities since 2012.


Andrew is committed and active in the social enterprise community, serving as mentors, speakers and advisor on impact innovation, design thinking and community space making. He also serves as guest lecturer to Universities and Education Institutes on investment to impacts, business innovation and sustainability. He also serves as industry partner for AgriFood tech initiatives and STEAM/STEM education. Andrew graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree and received an EMBA degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.





About the Talk

Food is Heaven to people. People, food and environment serve each other and all. Yet this once-harmonious relationship is destroyed by our irresponsible consumption-based economy to its knees. From apparently unrelated global events, Andrew seeks to lead us to rethink our relationship with the environment. Our continued survival and prosperity might remain a dream, or, maybe our actions to transform our consumption behaviour can change the environment for the better by food!


民以食為天。人 - 食物 - 環境 互相效力。但曾經和諧既關係已經被人類不負責任既消費經濟所破壞,萬劫不復。由幾樣看似不相關既全球事件,Andrew 會帶大家順藤摸瓜,探索根源。重思天。地。人共榮永續是否只能停滯於烏托邦,定係可以通過實際行動,展開消費革命,"食返靚“個地球!

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