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Benita CHICK

Lead Organizer

Benita is the Founder and CEO of Encompass HK, a HK-based social enterprise promoting the Sustainable Development Goals since 2018. Prior to starting Encompass HK, Benita worked in a variety of educational institutions, NGOs and think tank and and has a wealth of expertise in community outreach and social innovation.


Benita graduated with a B.A. in Biology at Cornell University, and pursued research in marine molecular ecology at Boston University which she helped to design marine parks in Indonesia. Benita has led environmental and service-learning excursions in Sumatra, Cambodia and Caribbean, and produced environmental education videos.


Benita spoke at a TEDx event on her experience as a scuba diving instructor as well as on diversity and inclusion in 2019. She is excited to curate this TEDx Countdown event with the rest of the energetic team.

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