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Devana NG

Co-Founder of Distinctive Action 共創人

Devana is the co-founder of Distinctive Action, and the #INVISIBLEBAG is water-soluble, compostable and biodegradable, aiming to bring alternative solutions to manufacturers and brands to replace the conventional plastic packaging. She is actively promoting Eco With Attitude to brands and consumers, on how to reduce at source and through daily action for a better and plastic free living. With Distinctive Action Team, she is working on new material development to cover more packaging products applications of the daily life, with the DNA of creating #INVISIBLE packaging on its afterlife.


Devana為Distinctive Action共創人。旗下產品#INVISIBLEBAG具有水溶性、可分解、可生物降解的特點,希望為廠商與品牌提供取締傳統塑膠包裝的選擇。她積極向品牌及消費者推廣「型格環保」,減少在日常生活中使用塑膠,建立生活習慣並實行源頭減廢。她與Distinctive Action團隊合作,研發更多應用日常生活的環保物料,繼承#INVISIBLE包裝的精神。


About the Talk

“Eco-Friendly”, “Go Green” has never been far from us, we just got disconnected from it. Through personal actions, such as bringing your own bag, recycling, eco-buying, we awake the conscious and movement to go green again, while influencing brands and manufacturers to start reducing at source through. Within the lapse of 20 minutes, Devana will walk you through the simple journey of an Eco With Attitude person, employee and ultimately a Distinctive Actor. 

也許我們以爲“環保”很遙遠,但保護環境從來與生活息息相關。自備環保袋、回收、低碳消費等等的個人生活習慣,正在刺激實行環保意識,影響品牌從源頭減廢。20分鐘的演講中,Devana將帶領您瞭解從建立Eco with Attitude品格,走向成爲Decisive Action員工, Distinctive Actor的道路。

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