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JupYeah Co-Founder

執嘢 創辦人

Born and brought up in Hong Kong, Ren Wan is dedicated to live as an ethical, responsible and conscious urbanite. As Managing Editor of WestEast Magazine, Asia’s leading and internationally distributed fashion and culture publication, she brings to intellectual readers insightful stories about urban issues, environment, culture and fashion. With a strong belief in market environmentalism as a practical way to promote the right values, Ren co-founded JUPYEAH, Hong Kong’s pioneering swap event organiser and sharing economy advocate that provides practical solutions for reducing waste and irresponsible consumption. Ren is also studying her masters degree in Sustainable Development at SOAS, University of London.


12 Keywords You Should Know About Your Wardrobe

About the

We all know fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, but how does it relate to your wardrobe? In less than 20 minutes, Ren tries to simplify this complex issue and translate it into 12 keywords that everyone with a wardrobe at home should know, hoping to inspire you to look at our fashion consumption habits from a different perspective.

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