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Meet Joanne Yeung

As children, many of us saw the short cartoon of a once happy earth being polluted, with whales flopping out of poisoned seas; and the earth coughing up tons of garbage and inhaling thick fumes. Over the years, we have seen the fate foretold in “The Story of Mr. Earth” become a reality, and some of us have committed to protecting the Environment and saving the earth- the calls to action at the end of the cartoon. Dr. Joanne Yeung is one of those who made this commitment.

A Stanford University graduate, Joanne obtained a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering, and a Masters in Environmental Engineering and Science. She went on to study Microbial Diversity at the Marine Biological Laboratory before returning to Stanford to complete a Post Doctorate Degree in Environmental Engineering. Through her extensive research and study, she honed the skills necessary to design sustainability and waste management strategies. Joanne has advised municipalities, consulted for green corporations like Carbon Care Asia, and led global projects in environmental biotechnology, water technology, carbon management, renewable energy, and sustainable transportation. Her work has been instrumental in crafting new approaches for assessing how business and policy makers are influenced by environmental factors. Joanne is also revolutionising our awareness of pollution, and established the Global Bioreactor Network, the first Hong-Kong wide evaluation of green-house emissions from buildings, to study this.

At present, Joanne is a Research Assistant Professor in The University of Hong Kong, where she is pioneering interdisciplinary research projects to, among other things, improve our understanding of advanced imaging and photonics technology for microplastics assessment. Join our Event to hear Joanne’s sharing on the hazards microplastics cause in our environment, and how she is coming up with techniques of solving Mr Earth’s enduring problems.

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