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Meet Ren Wan

Many of Ren Wan’s ideals come from her upbringing. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ren embraced her calling to inspire responsible global citizenship and to motivate others to live in accordance with nature. She has made this the focus of her career. As WestEast Magazine’s Managing Editor, Ren not only heads Asia’s award-winning, leading fashion and culture publication, but she also widens her readership’s awareness of global issues, the environment, international cuisine, art & culture and fashion (of course!) The Magazine features some of the most phenomenal players in these fields, illustrating that varied cultures can coexist, enriching each other and encouraging global cooperation.

Ren believes that the market is the best way to solve our environmental issues. The key is to promote eco-friendly values and protect property rights as these will allow businesses to negotiate improvements in the environment and compel defectors to stop polluting our surroundings. In this spirit, Ren co-founded JUPYEAH, Hong Kong's leading swap platform which is committed to consuming less and sharing better. JUPYEAH hosts thrilling swap parties and through its website followers can share useful items and support common causes.

Ever committed to growth, Ren is currently studying Sustainable Development at SOAS, University of London. She will be speaking at TEDxEncompass, and sharing on her journey, how she has been able to promote eco-friendly living and green business practices, and what we can each do to play a part.

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